Warbirds Down Under 2018

11/10/18 – Thursday

My son  (Matt) and I talked about needing some more male bonding time, so decided to go to the Warbirds Down Under aircraft display at Temora on the weekend of  12-13th October 2018.

Picked Matt up from Work at Hornsby approx 4:40 pm, then traveled along Pennant Hills Rd until turning onto the M2/M7, traffic was heavy but moving nicely, then took the Richmond Rd turn off and headed towards Richmond.

Arrived at the base of the Blue Mountains approx 6pm and then up the Bell’s Line of Road towards Lithgow. Traffic was good, with low cloud and occasional showers until Lithgow.

Headed to Bathurst, traffic light, little rain,  temperature cool (8C) with a spectacular sunset outside Bathurst, arriving there approx 7:45pm. Quick check in at the Chifley motel (room 15), then down to the Dudley Hotel for dinner. Nachos and 2 beers ( Great Northern) for Matt, Porterhouse with vegies and 2 Canadian Clubs for me, then back to the room about 9:35, lights out approx 10:20.

12/10/18 – Friday

Woke about 6 this morning, Matt about 6:40, weather dry with a few clouds. Left Bathurst about 8:35 after visiting the Golden Arches for the obligatory coffee. Matt had the sausage/egg muffin meal, me, a large cap.

Drove through Blayney and  Mandurama, arriving at Cowra approx 9:50am. Weather was good, sunny with broken cloud, about 16-18C. We visited the Japanese gardens, war cemetery, POW camp. Saddened as to how young some of the soldiers were, Matt’s age and younger.

Left Cowra approx 11:10am, down Olympic Way heading towards Coolamon via Young and Temora. Arrived Coolamon approx 1:40pm and straight to Heavenly Baked (a GF bakery I discovered on FB), but alas, no GF pies left, only frozen!

Matt had bought some interesting items from the local knick knack shop, some vintage tobacco tins and old cigarette lighters, pretty cool.

Left Coolamon about 2:30pm, uneventful travel except for some cyclists! Arrived West Wyalong 3:45 and checked into the Colonial Motor Inn, unpacked and relaxed.

Unfortunately, Matt was feeling unwell, as was I (blocked nose, headache) Matt tired, possible UTI, poor bugger.

Matt was feeling pretty poorly, so we went West Wyalong Medical Centre about 4:30, who told him to come back at 5:15/5:30pm, which we did. (5:15) He didn’t get in to see a doctor until about 5:50 pm and the local chemist closed at 6pm (the nearest after hours chemist was in Wagga Wagga, about 160km!) Matt was out at 6:04 and luckily the chemist was still open and Matt wanted to get his antibiotics, though they were a bit reluctant.

The doctor had also rung WW hospital and told Matt to get his wound on his leg dressed  (he had burnt himself  on the leg with hot water prior to coming away). Left the hospital about 6:30, all good. Certainly different to Wyong hospital emergency, only 8 seats in the waiting room and only one person waiting (and on a Friday night too!)

Back to the motel, and after checking things out for dinner, decided to try the local pizza (Luxor), as long as they had GF. As luck would have it, they had GF bases (extra $3), so it was a Luxor Special for me, and a med Ham and Pineapple for Matt and 2 ginger beers as well ($41 all up). Arrived back at the motel by 8:30 and ate pizza in the room. Bloody delicious! Mucked about with GoPro4 and saved movies from dashcam in readiness for tomorrow, asleep by 10:30

13/10/18 – Saturday

Woke about 3:30 and really didn’t go back to sleep, mucked about with the Ipad mostly. Matt woke about 8am and we got ready to go to Temora, about an hour away. Left about 9am, uneventful trip to Temora arriving about 10am, fueled up, got some cash then off to Temora Flying Museum for Warbirds Down Under, arriving about 10:15, waved straight through and parked up in car park 4  (Pre paid parking is good!) then walked about 1/2 km to the entrance. Walked around looking at various static displays, as flying didn’t start until 11am.

It was fantastic to see all the vintage aircraft, Spits, Mustangs, a Hurricane, Kittyhawks,Catalina, Grummans, Boomerang,  and a Wirraway.  WWII right through to the Vietnam era.

The RAAF Roulettes started the program with a great display of flying and aerobatics, really fantastic! Then various flying formations celebrating aspects of WWII, Battle of Britain, Coastal Patrol, Dogfight, Vietnam. From WWII up to modern day, Meteor, RAAF Hawk, Hornet,  again fantastic!

A RAAF Globemaster was listed on the program but as a fly by exhibit. This was one of the highlights of the day. a spectacular aircraft. Definitely worth the entrance fee. Matt was keen to see the Hornet, so we decided to stay until the end, instead of leaving early  and we were glad we did. The F18 Hornet put on an outstanding display to finish off the day.

Left Temora about 4:40 (Airshow finished about 4:20 (getting out of the car park was really easy!) I thought we would be forever getting out of the carpark (approx 15,000 attended) but we were on our way very quickly, only 20 mins from the end of the show and we were on our way to Bathurst.

Arrived at the Chifley at 7:17pm, checked in (room 6), unpacked the car then walked down to Vic’s Takeaway for some food. They had GF hamburger buns, so it was burgers with the lot for both of us (only $10.50 for GF burger, bargain!)

Back to the room to enjoy our food (best gluten free burger ever!) then sleep by about 11pm.

14/10/18 – Sunday

Woke about 5:30am, Matt about 7:30, weather not as cool as previous 2 days, broken cloud with patches of blue. Showered, packed then breakfasted at Macca’s, on our way from Bathurst by 9:15am.

Travel uneventful until rain started at Kirkconnell and persisted all the way over the mountains until  finally stopping at Glenbrook. Then onto the M2/M7/Pennant Hills Rd then M1, arrived home about 1pm. All up about 1300kms, a great weekend away.

Very happy to spend some time with my boy, he makes me very proud.



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