VK4/SE-102 Second Solo Activation – 23rd March 2014

This was my second activation in VK4 and my first of an unactivated summit, a bit hard to believe being so close to the Gold Coast with easy road access.

The day had dawned bright and sunny, so no problem with mist, rain showers and humidity of the previous day. The summit was only about 15 mins away and an easy drive.

View from VK4/SE-102

View from VK4/SE-102 summit


After establishing the AZ and a  few quick photos, it was time to set up and start playing radio. A spot on SotaGoat and soon the chasers arrived, and the summit was soon activated.

view down the road




Stations contacted……


There a good views of the Gold Coast down to Coolangatta from the summit.

Good views to the Coolangatta








While activating this summit, we were visited by a local second operator, “VK4DOG”

It was my intention to operate some northern VK2 summits on the way home after the conference, but unfortunately, the weather gods were against it, it rained for two days straight!


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